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The Kuro Info app is a universal app for iPhone and iPad which allows you to use your mobile device as a remote control for Pioneer Kuro 500/600M televisions. It also gives you a lot of information about the state of your tv, and detailed information about the runtime and input and settings.

There is also an option that can be used to optimize your tv, so that your tv is always running using the most optimal settings. This is done by automatically selecting the right drivemode and Purecinema settings for that input.

The app can autodetect your Kuro plasma, but there is also an option for entering a custom ip address and port, so you can either use the app for a second panel, or use it over the WAN internet.

The information on screen is refreshed when you reload the app, or when the app returns from background. This is because the app needs to query the panel, the panel does not send any changes in input or configuration by itself.

The app is designed to work for Pioneer KRP-500M and KRP-600M. If you have another model, please check your manual if your model supports TCP/IP control commands.

  • Universal app for both iPhone and iPad
  • Shows information about model, panelsize, serialnumber, runtime, running temperatures etc.
  • Shows information about the current input signal, resolution, framerate, drivemodes, purecinema, AV modes including ISF
  • Remote control functionality as found on the infrared remote, control your Kuro tv from your mobile device
  • Autoscan function to automatically detect your Kuro panel on network
  • WAN or custom mode for controlling and querying your panel over the internet, or for controlling a 2nd panel
  • Optimization button which instantly enters the correct settings for drivemode and purevideo, and disables all 'image optimizers' for that specific input/signal memory
How to configure:
  • Connect your KRP-500M or KRP-600M to your local network using the internet port at the back
  • On the TV, go to MENU, then CONTROL SETTINGS and enable both DHCP and IP CONTROL
The TV should now get an IP address automatically. If it does, you can use the autoscan feature on the app to connect to it. If it fails, or if you decide to use a manually netered IP address, you could enter this in the app settings.
The Kuro Info app is available in the AppStore.
Questions? Send an email to: support@20ten.nl
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